DNA Tests Determine

Genetic Make-up

Then Suggest An Individualized Lifestyle

Health DNA Test

Health DNA Testing – doctor and nurse writing prescription paper over genetic test results.

Nowadays, a DNA test may predict the risks of developing specific disorders later in life. We can, therefore, alter lifestyle, and/or take advantages from preventive healthcare systems to prevent or delay the onset of the diseases. Even we cannot change our genes. For example, diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, cancers, diabetes, Schizophrenia (they are called complex genetic disorders) are today tested by genetic test online kits. The genetic diagnosis of complex disorders is challenging for Geneticists. Because they are caused by more than one gene as well as lifestyle and environment. Moreover, our understanding of which genes, DNA variations, and environmental factors contribute to a complex disease is limited. However, on some occasions, a genetic test may determine if an individual has a genetic susceptibility to develop a particular disease later in life.

Fitness and Diet DNA Test (Nutrigenetics)

some labs (providing DNA test kits) claim that they can recommend a personalized diet and an optimal sport plan based on the genetic make-up of an individual. The information hidden in our DNA and our genes determine our metabolism, food senses, eating behavior, and sports capabilities. Variations in DNA may make a person prone to gaining weight, or obesity. A genetic test can detect DNA variations which cause a different response to food, different metabolism rate, and our personal needs for nutritional supplements. Hence, genetic tests recommend us which foods or supplements are good or bad for us. Interestingly, our DNA also controls physical strength by affecting energy utilization and oxygen consumption in muscles. Genetic testing, therefore, may tell us what training plans are most suitable for us to get the most out of the exercise sessions.

Genetic Test for Drug Metabolism: Pharmacogenetics

Some online DNA test kits analyze DNA to predict response to a certain drug or adverse side effects of a particular drug. The results can be utilized for deciding treatment options-personalized medicine.

The variations in our DNA affect drug metabolism and cause different side effects in people. These DNA variations are called Pharmacogenetics variants. Some genetic testing kits analyze DNA and they predict the individual’s response to the level of a drug or adverse side effect of a particular drug. Having detailed information about an individual’s genetic make-up can be utilized for deciding treatment options and personalized medicine.

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